Preneed Funeral Arrangements

Thinking ahead can help families make informed and thoughtful decisions about funeral planning for the future. Planning ahead allows you to choose specific items you want and need. It also helps your survivors with the stress of making these final decisions under pressure at time of death. At Morgan Funeral Home we can help you plan ahead for a funeral.

We encourage customers to call ahead to schedule an appointment for pre-need planning. Important decisions to be made during these appointments are if you are planning a burial or cremation. Often families fill rushed or unsure to make decisions at time of death. This is another reason planning ahead is helpful to your family.

The questions we will ask during a pre-need appointment is what is called vital statics. That consists of:
• full legal name
• address
• telephone number
• birth date
• where you were born
• parents’ names
• education level
• social security number
• What cemetery you will be buried. If you already have bought burial plots.
• if you served in a branch of the military or any wars
• Also at the appointment information for an obituary can be taken.

Things that will be discussed during your pre-need appointment are:
• Where you would like to have your funeral or memorial service?
• What cemetery you would like to be buried?
• If you are cremated, do you want your ashes buried or scattered?
• Songs you would like played at your service?
• Minister or speaker to officiate your service?
• Who you would like to have as pallbearers?
• What clothing you would like to be buried wearing?
• If you are a Veteran would you like a military service?
• Would you like a photo used for your obituary

Other things that are important for funeral planning are if you are a Veteran giving your family a copy of your DD-214 (Honorable Discharge papers). That form is needed for any type of Veterans Honoring ceremonies.

Important things to share with your family when pre-planning
• banking information
• life insurance information
• 401 K accounts
• investments
• location of will
• passwords to shut down email accounts or social media accounts
• safety deposit boxes
• titles to vehicles and home or land deeds
• Any Veterans forms such as a DD-214 (Honorable Discharge form)
• Organ donation
• Living will

Morgan Funeral Home sets up pre-need funeral accounts by having the customer choose what type of burial they want. If a burial service is chosen the customer will pick a casket and vault. For a cremation you will decide if you would like an urn. Morgan Funeral Home can help families customize funerals and offers many different options and price ranges. Please contact the office to make a pre-need appointment.